jeudi 14 novembre 2013

storyboard demoreel 2013

Here is my storyboard demoreel, medley of sequences from my personal project named "Revolution" I ve made last summer 

I only did the first part storyboard animatic of the first part of my project, and I only cleaned some stuff of this part,

 the second part , which does not exist yet as a storyboard, is much more action blockbuster like, and odd, like the music .. I hope I can finish it one day.. 
Anyway I 've learnt a lot doing this, and I am proud of this project, I really love this story..

if you want to see more stuff about it (Princess and witch designs are made by noth, (thanks to him again)

vendredi 8 novembre 2013

MULTIMAN (Dofus / Wakfu) Ankama games

This is it! Take a look to the cool wakfu/dofus trailer about MULTIMAN, some characters I 've created for Ankama game last year (then Xavier Houssin re-designed it for the game)

here my favorite concepts. some of them are not in the game.